Insulating Fire Brick Lined 
Front Loading Kilns

GEIL Natural Draft Kilns

The frame construction and exterior shell of the GEIL Downdraft Gas Fired Fire Brick Kilns consists of heavy gauge structural strength steel. All frames are welded at each joint to provide for maximum strength and durability. Full width, front loading doors and the minimal area between the door opening and the setting space facilitates loading and unloading. These fire brick kilns are built with full depth arch construction extending directly to the door opening, providing stacking space to the top of the arch, 2600° F and 2800° F High Alumina (60% or more) Insulating Fire Brick backed by high-temperature block insulation constitutes the kiln's interior. All DL models will fire to 2500° F (cone 14).

Natural draft, high velocity ceramic burners were specifically designed and developed by GEIL Kilns to produce excellent fuel-air mixture without the need of electric blowers. These burners provide for simple and trouble-free firing.

Fire Brick Lined Natural Draft Kiln Model DLB-30

  • Electronic flame safety, 100% Shut Off.
  • Push button automatic spark ignition.
  • Manual control valve.
  • 0-15" water column pressure gauge.
  • DD-1 digital, solid state, electronic controller which functions as a high-limit, on/off soaking controller.

GEIL Forced Draft Kilns
Forced Draft models are the same superior construction technique as that of the Natural Draft models, with the exception of the burner system.

A standard Forced Draft system incorporates the use of an electric blower to force air through the burners to insure complete combustion. The Geil Forced Draft System is particularly unique in that the forced draft burners are placed in the same position as our Natural Draft models, thus maintaining the same downdraft circulation and functioning much like our Natural Draft models. All specifications for the Forced Draft Kilns are the same as the Natural Draft except the number of burners


Specifications - Fire Brick Lined Front Loading Natural Draft Kilns