• Electronic flame safety, 100% Shut Off.
  • Push button automatic spark ignition.
  • Manual control valve.
  • 0-15" water column pressure gauge.
  • DD-1 digital, solid state, electronic controller which functions as a high-limit, on/off soaking controller.

Control System
Standard manual control system used on most GEIL Kilns
  DD-1 Digital Electronic Controller
The DD-1 is a high limit, on-off solid state electronic controller with a digital read­out and digital set from 0 to 2500º F. When the controller is set at the “High Limit” position, it will automatically shut the kiln off at the set point temperature. The on-off position functions as a “soaking” controller, holding the temperature at the set point temperature plus or minus 5º
  Control System
Standard manual control system used on most GEIL Kilns.

Burner System
Natural draft, high velocity ceramic Venturi burners were specifically created and designed by GEIL Kiln Company for the GEIL Downdraft Design system and have proven to be quite efficient in all applications.



Heavy Duty Hinge
An exclusive feature on all front loading GEIL Kilns, this hinge is fully greased to prevent rusting and reduce wear.

NOTE: All individual shelving not ordered with kiln carries a 10% packing charge. Silicon Carbide Shelving -- Quoted upon request.
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